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For a couple decades, Chinese manufactured bikes are often being labelled as “copycats” and bad quality. Well that is True, still. Many of them, have entered and left the market of Singapore and some of you (reading this) were victims due to manufacturers’ irresponsibility in handling SOPs and After sales parts. The latter is a headache because these makers, could not even solved the underlying parts or engine issues because they simply did not build them in the first place as They merely purchased from mass OEMs. For instance, Engines from Company A, Framesets from B, wiring harness from C, and so on, before they assemble the bike like Lego and then export out to respective countries. There is no critical R&D involved.

WHAT makes Zontes different then? Their Mission - To challenge the limits. Their Vision - to take on the world stage.

HOW are they going to do that? You need an enormous amount of money to build facilities and hire talented designers and engineers so that everything, from prototypes to completed units, every single component is within their control. Literally 95% of each Zontes model, are manufactured in-house. You could never find the same types from OEM. Well that is only for the production. What about quality? In order to deviate away from the tainted reputation that Chinese bikes have over the years, Zontes is committed in producing only good quality stuffs. To do that, the selection of material for various components is critical, to enhance durability and longevity. For instance, in order to achieve lightweight, the frame, swingarm, and wheelset are made of aluminium and they are forged. In order to achieve high compression ratio + sustainability, the structural design of the cylinder and engine components, to the molding processes and selection of material, to heat dissipation all these processes have to be calculated systematically.

WHY do they do that? Culture plays an important role in shaping up the beliefs of what you can and cannot. This “Challenge the Limits” belief stems from the founder who is a bike fanatic and whose passion created the driving force behind the development of the current 310 series models. Together with this fire and leadership, the designs will only get bolder, quality will only get better, whilst maintaining a reasonable price tag.

All Zontes models come with 3 Years or 30,000km Engine warranty and 2 years electronic components warranty.

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